The Only Child

The Only Child
By: Ashley McDaniel

Sleeping sounds have stopped
The boards creak, alarm
its coming
Not another night.
I but pretend to sleep
If I pull the blankets up maybe it won’t see.
The Goliath comes for me.

No where to run
No time to escape
I clench my teeth.
Why can’t there be someone else
This demon haunts my sleep
No relief comes with the dawn
Just the dirt.

I shave off my skin
A new day of filth
We all wear our masks
The perfect family
The loving mother,
blind to all.
The Goliath is her undoing as well.

Come, the setting of the sun
My nails dig deep
Into my palms
Feel the blood pool
The end is the only light
Flood me into the velvet death
Peace to the only child.

I will tell you a love song…and tell you my secrets…i will tell you i love you and tell you im right beside you.i will tell you all kind filled lovelessness and treat you like gold for im a kind gentle being…darkness will fall ..you don’t do what i ask …i feel insecure ..and un validated…as you are my closet you live for me…. i matter most because i need love most… i will say things shall crush..take all my love back..abandon you.. for you didn’t give me what i wanted i will make you suffer… i expect a apology you know what you did wrong..as for me i see no fault in any i done..i expect that if you disobey ..if you dare speak out..i will say it all lies and you are insane.no one could ever possibly believe you i am kind man. You’ll make a fool out of your self I’m warning you. you will have no choice but hold one of the darkest burden of a very unrecognizable type of abuse.As i will do it all over to you..over and over..your helpless now…

submitted by Anonymous

I put my shoes in the cloakroom
I put my coat there too
This really should not be this strange
But then I lived with you

Space for me where I called “home”
Was really hard to find
So I kept these things out in the shed
How could I be so blind

So now I smile a little smile
It happens every day
But why should someone find such joy
In putting shoes away ?

Forty Two

I’m sick of my life, I’m sick of my hell.
I’m sick of the place in ths world where I dwell.
I’m sick of my sickness & sick of this feeling
living in a world where hate leaves you reeling.
Anything of value you ever had is gone.
To take all goodness & sanity
from someone else is just plain wrong.
You watched it with your mother
you watched it with yourself.
you really hope & pray to GOD
to put your dependents on a shelf.
But that you were doomed & destined
for a lifetime of misery is true.
To watch it happen to the ones you love
Is all that’s in store for you.

submitted and written by Kay

When my daddy tried to kill me
I really should have died.
Since I came out of my mother’s womb,
I have cried & cried & cried.
Life without love is not worth living
and this is really true.
The hate filled malignancy of others
is all that’s there for you.
They push & shove & cuss & hate.
Everyone on the planet, it seems
is on your plate.
Your brother’s & your sisters,
they took your daddy’s cue.
Since they are all successful,
they turned a whole town against you.
They told everyone you were crazy
& swore to GOD it was true.
Stealing, pillaging, and slandering.
The world can’t get it’s fill.
There’s no end to the atrocities
reserved for the mentally ill.
& when they are through with you
& you know your proper station,
you have to watch in silent horror
as it falls to the next generation.
And after that, another,
just like the one before.
All the hell & hatred in the world, until the world’s no more.

shared and written by Kay

Dear Mom & Dad,

If he had hit me would you have believed in my hell?
If he had blacked my eyes would you have still made excuses for him?
Told me he must have thought it was ok?
If he had broken my arm would I still have to hear what a great guy he is?
If he had slit my throat would you still welcome him into your home after I threw him out of mine?
Saying I shouldn’t keep him away from the baby?
Would I have gotten kind words when I told you I was being abused if I had to write it down because my jaw was wired shut?

Our would you still take his side?

I wonder.

submitted by Pam

For The Love of Money….

When money wasn’t around, you treated me as if I had a Queen’s crown.  You showed me you cared, loved and appreciated every moment we shared without a frown.  All of a sudden you created great plans, fake disabilities, and many lies to acquire funds you never had. Because of your love for money, within moments, I saw you turn from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hide,  which was all a fad.  You created excuses on why you should mistreat and beat me, because you thought I should have the love for money, like you, to defeat and cheat me.
Janette P

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