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I’m sick of my life, I’m sick of my hell.
I’m sick of the place in ths world where I dwell.
I’m sick of my sickness & sick of this feeling
living in a world where hate leaves you reeling.
Anything of value you ever had is gone.
To take all goodness & sanity
from someone else is just plain wrong.
You watched it with your mother
you watched it with yourself.
you really hope & pray to GOD
to put your dependents on a shelf.
But that you were doomed & destined
for a lifetime of misery is true.
To watch it happen to the ones you love
Is all that’s in store for you.

submitted and written by Kay

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Dear Mom & Dad,

If he had hit me would you have believed in my hell?
If he had blacked my eyes would you have still made excuses for him?
Told me he must have thought it was ok?
If he had broken my arm would I still have to hear what a great guy he is?
If he had slit my throat would you still welcome him into your home after I threw him out of mine?
Saying I shouldn’t keep him away from the baby?
Would I have gotten kind words when I told you I was being abused if I had to write it down because my jaw was wired shut?

Our would you still take his side?

I wonder.

submitted by Pam

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For The Love of Money….

When money wasn’t around, you treated me as if I had a Queen’s crown.  You showed me you cared, loved and appreciated every moment we shared without a frown.  All of a sudden you created great plans, fake disabilities, and many lies to acquire funds you never had. Because of your love for money, within moments, I saw you turn from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hide,  which was all a fad.  You created excuses on why you should mistreat and beat me, because you thought I should have the love for money, like you, to defeat and cheat me.
Janette P

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posted on http://www.the-laststraw.com 2010/11/01 at 8:44 am

by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

I don’t know how to make you see
How your actions have affected me

Your old enough if you want to drink beer
But I shouldn’t have to live life in fear

You know you’re violent when drinking a fact
Why should I tolerate your physical attack?

Three nights ago, when in a drunken fit
It was me while pregnant you choose to hit

Blows to my stomach, knocked to the floor
Caused me to race to the emergency room door

You knew I was pregnant our child I carry
But your assault on me, caused me to miscarry

I can’t ever forgive you, for what you’ve done
Because of the violence, we lost our daughter or son

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I went to the police today
My life I could not withstand
The officer questioned, “About my problem
Tell us about your abusive husband
I have to follow his rules
And he refuses to ever unbend
He handles all our entire money
Not a penny I can spend
He says I do things wrong
He never apologies he’s always right
I am never allowed to go
Without permission or out of site
He monitors all my phone calls
He will even dial the phone
Not a moment of my life
Am I allowed to be alone?
I’m timed going to the store
I’m punished in many different ways
For every minute I’m late
My family I can’t see for days
I am not allowed any friends
I’m not even allowed to work
He has control of my life
My husband has become a jerk
This control, never having a choice
Life can be different I believe
Can’t take this abuse no longer
Please stop him help me leave
Does he push you, shove you?
Make you fear for your life?
If NO, then what do you?
Expect ma’am you are his wife
Are there bruises on your body?
Has he given you a black eye?
“No, he has never hit me.”
“Yet, you say there’s abuse, why?”
Walking away shaken and defeated
Yet knowing there’s no use
Just because there’s no bruises
Doesn’t mean it’s not abuse.

Printed with permission from author Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

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JUST want me to
JUST leave you alone
JUST so you can
JUST get on with your life
JUST so you can hate
JUST by finding fault in me
JUST by assuming
JUST who I am
JUST because you can
JUST so you will feel
JUST to validate
JUST how you treat me
JUST in alienating me
JUST because my imperfections
JUST don’t meet your
JUST idea of who I should be
JUST to qualify
JUST for your acceptance
JUST for your forgiveness?
JUST was having
JUST a thought
JUST for today.
JUST deal with it
JUST for a little while.
JUST playing.
JUST joking.
JUST accept me
JUST as I am
JUST as I do for you.
JUST saying
JUST do it.
JUST be real.

(Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.)

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You are my Spirit.
With you I know I’m never rejected.
You are my Spirit.
By the poison of abuse, you’re never infected
You are my Spirit.
I see you when my eye is swollen and blue
You are my Spirit.
Together, there’s nothing we can’t do
You are my Spirit.
Beside me to when I’m falling
You are my Spirit.
Inspiring me to answer my freedom’s calling
You are my Spirit.
We’ve been together for so long
You are my Spirit.
We make each other strong
You are my Spirit.
I’m full of love, with you inside
You are my Spirit.
Existing in me, like groom and bride
You are my Spirit.
Using understanding to relieve my pain
You are my Spirit.
Whispiring soflty, bringing peace to my brain
You are my Spirit.
There all the time during my abused day
You are my Spirit.
When all abuse is finished, together we pray
You are my Spirit.
Our God tells us what to do
You are my Spirit.
I can’t go forward without you
You are my Spirit.
Lookig ahead at what will be done
You are my Spirit.
Together you and I can stand as one
You are my Spirit.
Never did you break, you could only bend
You are my Spirit.
Giving me courage to make the abuse end
You are my Spirit.
About “us”, Survivors will brag & boast
You are my Spirit.
Now I’m complete, no longer a Ghost.

Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

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