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This poem is for the compilation…



First, it makes me numb…
Then the fear makes me dumb and I don’t know how to do anything…
But through my mind goes so many things.

Then inside it grips, grinds, and I go blind…
On the surface it terrifies and I try, oh try… to hide.
And to myself, I lie that it may stop.

But it always comes back (sometimes worse),
Too scared to cry… afraid I might die,
I’m lucky to be alive.


Nothing new today, just another battle…
Behind doors, it’s ok –
It’s only me it will rattle.

Then on the lawn in front of the neighbours,
Friends drop in,
Children too…

This is not new,
This is not good,
But today it will stop.

So I pretend to go to the shop,
Dressed for it I stop at the door – and think I hear a whisper
“Please don’t go” a child’s voice – one I will remember forevermore.

But I know it has to be done.
And I walk to the shop,
Then I run.


I am lucky at last – but I don’t feel it,
The phone box is outside a surf life saver shack,
And for fear of being seen on the street – I use it.

“Can I use the phone?” I ask,
They see my split lip, hear my soft voice,
They get me the phone book fast.

Lifeline are helpful,
The domestic violence help line even more,
They call a taxi to my door.

They put me in a hotel for two nights,
Feed me, clothe me,
Get me to a town where I can survive.

Put me in a safe house,
For as long as I decide,
Council me, look after me,

And now I know – that everything will be alright.

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