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You are my Spirit.
With you I know I’m never rejected.
You are my Spirit.
By the poison of abuse, you’re never infected
You are my Spirit.
I see you when my eye is swollen and blue
You are my Spirit.
Together, there’s nothing we can’t do
You are my Spirit.
Beside me to when I’m falling
You are my Spirit.
Inspiring me to answer my freedom’s calling
You are my Spirit.
We’ve been together for so long
You are my Spirit.
We make each other strong
You are my Spirit.
I’m full of love, with you inside
You are my Spirit.
Existing in me, like groom and bride
You are my Spirit.
Using understanding to relieve my pain
You are my Spirit.
Whispiring soflty, bringing peace to my brain
You are my Spirit.
There all the time during my abused day
You are my Spirit.
When all abuse is finished, together we pray
You are my Spirit.
Our God tells us what to do
You are my Spirit.
I can’t go forward without you
You are my Spirit.
Lookig ahead at what will be done
You are my Spirit.
Together you and I can stand as one
You are my Spirit.
Never did you break, you could only bend
You are my Spirit.
Giving me courage to make the abuse end
You are my Spirit.
About “us”, Survivors will brag & boast
You are my Spirit.
Now I’m complete, no longer a Ghost.

Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

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I wait:
For you to get home, hoping that you’ll be in a good mood, knowing that in the end, it won’t make a difference.

I wait:
Watching you, all the while knowing that you’ll scream at me then push, hit, poke, punch, slap me before the night is over.

I wait:
For you to see that you have beaten love to a pulp and it doesn’t live in this house anymore, if it ever did. I “thought” I had it in the beginning, until, too late, I realized it was just a way for you to “lure” those like me.

I wait:
Wondering why you “keep” apologizing for the pain you “keep” giving and “keep” giving and “keep” giving. Please get “tired” of giving me “your” love early tonight. I need some more time to “recover” from last night’s “pain orgy”.

I wait:
Shrinking from the inevitable pain you start giving me now that you’ve knocked me to the floor. The shoes that I bought for you with my “real blood”, “fear sweat”, and many tears kick me as I look up at the “smiling anger” on your face and wonder why is “killing me” bringing you such abnormal satisfaction.

I wait:
Wishing some passerby outside the house would hear my “screams” and your “shouts” thru the broken windows and be compassionate enough to get involved just long enough to save my life by calling 911.

I wait:
Inspecting my body to see if I’m damaged enough to go to the Hospital, my only “safe oasis” away from you. I lie to them for “your” sake and safety all the while praying that I can “stay” for mine.

I wait:
In the car, waiting for you to start the engine so I can hear the radio and tune out you telling me it’s all “my” fault. AGAIN! And, you’re so right, huh. Do you really expect me to believe that this is what “I” made you do”?

I wait:
Hating the fact that you still expect me to do things for you, with this “new” cast on my “old” broken arm, after we get to that torture chamber you call “home”

I wait:
Counting the minutes that tick by slowly, contemplating whether or not the sleeping pills I crushed and poured in your drink will keep you knocked-out long enough for me to get some sleep after I cry in peace.

I wait:
To get into the passing lane on the “interstate” in the car donated to me by a “friend” and a trunk packed with items on the “safety plan” they gave me.

I wait:
I “escape”! I “survive”! I “RISE”!
…♥ ♥ ♥ {GhostWing


Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

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Dedicated to the Angels created because of Columbine & other School Shootings

How many times must a child fall down forcibly shot to the ground?

And how many children shall lose their young lives ,

Because somebody’s day just went wrong?

You stepped in the way, passing on your day,

It wasn’t you he was angry with a friend.

Now time stands still and we pray upon the hill,

I miss you and wish you hadn’t gone,

I love you and wish you didn’t fall.

How many teachers will stand up and take bullets meant for the dead?

And how many parents will be forced to weep,

From the bullets that rang through their heads?

And how many times must I write a new song

Longing for just a little peace?

No matter what I say,

No matter what I do,

Always it brings me back to you.

I miss you and wish you didn’t fall,

I love you that’s why I write this song.

You’d smiled at me that day and said I’ll be home right away,

Then the bullets rang out through the halls,

You never came home after all.

The policeman he said even though you are now dead,

You hung on as long as you could.

You said, you’d stepped in his way,

Passing on your day, it wasn’t you he was angry with a friend.

No time stands still and we pray upon the hill.

We know you loved us and wish you hadn’t gone.

You love us and wished you didn’t fall.

Please tell me Lord, how can a day … go so wrong?

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Thank you to NightRaven for allowing me to share this poem.  If you would like to have a poem posted here send email to dreamfocused@earthlink.net and make sure to use name to be printed and give me permission in email to use your poem here and in upcomming books and projects.

Isolated and Controlled

Why do I always stand accused?
Why are you my judge, my jury, my gray skies
That once were blue?
You say you love me with all of your heart..
We took our vows, til death do us part..
Yet, your type of love hurts and tears me apart..
I always spent my days all alone..
No one to talk to, until you came home..
You never wanted me to make friends or go to the mall..
I had to stand by the phone and wait for your calls..
My children you wanted out of my life…
You managed to succeed, never caring about their pain
And strife..
Your favorite term for me is “I’m lowdown”..
Your tore my world apart–crumbling it to the ground..
Now I’ve left and am trying to start anew..
But deep inside I still love you..
But my heart and my mind know we are through..
You threaten to take your life..
As you no longer have your wife..
Why did you not think about the things that brought
Me to where I am today?
Instead of the isolation and control, always doing as you Say..
I walked on eggshells and lived in fear..
Every day was filled with painful tears..
Now I choose to walk away and let “us” go..
As I can no longer live being isolated and controlled.. Copyright@2007 NightRaven

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