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The Only Child
By: Ashley McDaniel

Sleeping sounds have stopped
The boards creak, alarm
its coming
Not another night.
I but pretend to sleep
If I pull the blankets up maybe it won’t see.
The Goliath comes for me.

No where to run
No time to escape
I clench my teeth.
Why can’t there be someone else
This demon haunts my sleep
No relief comes with the dawn
Just the dirt.

I shave off my skin
A new day of filth
We all wear our masks
The perfect family
The loving mother,
blind to all.
The Goliath is her undoing as well.

Come, the setting of the sun
My nails dig deep
Into my palms
Feel the blood pool
The end is the only light
Flood me into the velvet death
Peace to the only child.

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