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JUST want me to
JUST leave you alone
JUST so you can
JUST get on with your life
JUST so you can hate
JUST by finding fault in me
JUST by assuming
JUST who I am
JUST because you can
JUST so you will feel
JUST to validate
JUST how you treat me
JUST in alienating me
JUST because my imperfections
JUST don’t meet your
JUST idea of who I should be
JUST to qualify
JUST for your acceptance
JUST for your forgiveness?
JUST was having
JUST a thought
JUST for today.
JUST deal with it
JUST for a little while.
JUST playing.
JUST joking.
JUST accept me
JUST as I am
JUST as I do for you.
JUST saying
JUST do it.
JUST be real.

(Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.)

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This poem was emailed to me recently and I wanted to post it for Elena.
I have been in therapy for 3 and half years and have recently written some poetry, I don’t know if it good or will reach anybody but I would like to try.

Don’t Let It Happen
Oh God don’t let it happen again.
Let him be happy-
let him not be angry-
let him be distracted-
Oh, let him be tired.
Breathe slow, be alert, don’t move
My stomach’s upset, I’m anxious.
Don’t Sleep.
He Moved.
Don’t let it happen again.

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