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By A Thread on The Edge of A Ledge

by RJ Burns ©

By a thread on the edge of a ledge

I hang on by a wish and a prayer

If I stumble and fall

Live through it all

Will I lay down and say

Enough for today

Now I lay by a thread

On the edge of my bed

Between sleeping and dawn

I try my best to hang on

And just by a thread

I’ll pull back from the ledge

And hang on to a wish and a prayer

Is there more for me over that ledge

Do I pull back or run full fledge

For one day I’ll break free of the thread

And I’ll finally fall over the edge

It’s not that I want to leave you

It is me that I’m trying to escape

I’ve no strength to keep fighting the demons

That have taken control my head

And keep pushing me over the edge

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