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(Response to country song, How does someone get so lonely)
by Rebecca J Burns ©

How does someone get so lonely?
How does someone get so sad?
How does someone get so lonely
that thoughts of dying make them glad

Because getting up each morning
is getting harder day by day
Facing demons and loneliness
and a pain that won’t go away

Don’t waste another day of light,
Give up on this lonely plight
I don’t want to wake another God damn day,
With nothing left to fight

Deep inside I want to live,
But I’ve nothing, nothing left to give
Let me close my eyes and fade away,
Not face another lonely, lonely day like today

You asked me, how does someone get so lonely?
How does someone get so sad?
It happens moment by moment
and day by day inside
When a soul has lost its way
and you just don’t care to be that pretty gal

Must I, struggle though tomorrow,
So you won’t feel bad today
It’s just another lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely day
like today

With inner demons that no one sees,
Fears that bring him too his knees
No one to talk to and no one who cares

That’s how you get that lonely,
When thoughts of dying make you glad
That’s how you make that awful choice,
To not live out another day without a voice
You feel that dying will bring you peace
or at least a long, long quiet sleep

Take some pills for peace of mind,
Jump off a bridge just in time
All your troubles will go away,
you won’t suffer through another day
But when we cry out for another chance,
Someone please hear our cries.

We don’t ask for sympathy
Just an ear to let me cry sometime
and another chance is all to show you how I feel
For I don’t want to be this lonely,
I don’t want to feel so sad
I don’t want to have these thoughts of dying make me glad

Readers: I am not suicidal but had been at one time. I wrote this after hearing the country song over and over, How does someone get so lonely. This response just stuck in my head and I had to get it out. Sing it in your head like the original song, it sounds right.)

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