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I went to the police today
My life I could not withstand
The officer questioned, “About my problem
Tell us about your abusive husband
I have to follow his rules
And he refuses to ever unbend
He handles all our entire money
Not a penny I can spend
He says I do things wrong
He never apologies he’s always right
I am never allowed to go
Without permission or out of site
He monitors all my phone calls
He will even dial the phone
Not a moment of my life
Am I allowed to be alone?
I’m timed going to the store
I’m punished in many different ways
For every minute I’m late
My family I can’t see for days
I am not allowed any friends
I’m not even allowed to work
He has control of my life
My husband has become a jerk
This control, never having a choice
Life can be different I believe
Can’t take this abuse no longer
Please stop him help me leave
Does he push you, shove you?
Make you fear for your life?
If NO, then what do you?
Expect ma’am you are his wife
Are there bruises on your body?
Has he given you a black eye?
“No, he has never hit me.”
“Yet, you say there’s abuse, why?”
Walking away shaken and defeated
Yet knowing there’s no use
Just because there’s no bruises
Doesn’t mean it’s not abuse.

Printed with permission from author Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

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